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EXL Capital Anti-frail

An organization focused on investing in startups and disruptive technologies

The principle is very simple. Acquire several Altcoins, with a focus on Ether of Ethereum - which presents a more solid valuation study and greater potential for profitability - that is, make the acquisition of these assets at the best possible graphic points over the next few years, with the largest amount of capital focused on Ether and organizations that develop solid projects in Blockchain, IA, IoT and Big Data, with long-term sales thinking, predicting a valuation due to the development of the market in the coming decades.

Otherwise, we will use our capital to compose PoW (Proof-of-Work) mining physical structure in the most profitable assets, PoS (Proof-of-Stake) in those who have support for it. Cloud mining through the purchase of computing power from the most reliable vendors for redundancy of physical machines.

We will also seek value in this market through the arbitration of Bitcoin, Trades, Faucets and in the future, EXL Capital intends to also operate in the retail market, through the development of systems and financial solutions of change, payment or even ATMs for crypto active. Finally, everything will be managed by an experienced and competent team, the whole ecosystem will be centralized in an education and news portal that will also bring value to the project and the results obtained will be distributed in our EXL token through dividends. All in a transparent way, with the managerial and financial dashboard, portfolios and other public project documents on our platform.


The EXL project management team is formed by professionals with extensive experience and qualification in the area of accounting, business administration, finance and technology.

Everyone has known and worked together for more than 10 years and has an extreme bond of trust and respect.

Our focus is to use these resources together with a well-structured operational metric, facilitating through the mapping of processes and methodologies, the application of the best operational routines. With this and a lot of dedication, the EXL team wishes in the coming years, to achieve all goals stipulated in our Roadmap and to manage our capital with transparency, responsibility and ethics.


An analysis consists of distinguishing and separating the parts of a whole to know its elements and principles. It is an examination of a reality that can be studied intellectually. Through the analysis, it is possible to study the limits, the characteristics and the possible solutions of a problem.
Financial, on the other hand, is an adjective that relates to finance, which is a concept related to the Public Treasury, goods and flows. The notion of finance is used to refer to the study of the circulation of money among individuals, enterprises or States. Financial analysis, therefore, is a method for analyzing the financial consequences of business decisions. To this end, it is necessary to apply techniques to collect relevant information, evaluate a number of things and draw conclusions.

It is exactly this type of study that we wish to provide to members of the EXL ecosystem. In our operational Dashboard, it is possible for holders of our tokens to track our portfolios (Balance, Extract, and Transaction Hash); monitor our mining equipment through cameras, analyze financial metrics such as liquidity, performance, DRE, and the like. As well as all accounting information such as balance sheet, reason and statements.


The term roadmap means roadmap and is associated with the goal-setting and strategic planning tasks in achieving a set of objectives; is a tool used to plan the future of companies and projects and to find ways to achieve the desired objectives. As well as audit of the progress of such goals. Our roadmap is divided into 5 distinct phases that involve planning and identifying basic points of the business, problem and solution; Conference and validation of methods, processes and division of responsibilities; to the ways of structuring the business model as a whole and the expansion of the ecosystem. For better understanding it is necessary to analyze all the points of each phase of our project.

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